Standard Green Cable 4 mm for Jump Rope Earth 2.0

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THE PERFECT MIDDLE GROUND - Our Standard 4 mm cable is the do-everything champion. Ideal for beginners as the added weight increases feedback. It is also an enjoyable choice for more advanced athletes that want to enjoy their training or try difficult movements.

USE IT ON SOFT SURFACES - At Velites we recommend to use the cables on non abrasive surfaces or with the Velites jumping mat. Wood, asphalt or concrete are abrasive surfaces. Rubber or tatami mats are soft surfaces.

FOR ALL HEIGHTS - The cable has a total length of 3.5 meters. It fits for every type of person and heights, included someone who is higher than 2 meters. You will only need pliers to adjust it correctly.

INCLUDES A CONNECTIVITY ACCESSORY FOR THE EARTH 2.0 JUMP ROPE - With replacement metal caps that are included to connect on the Earth 2.0. Not compatible with the Fire 2.0. Only for the Velites Earth 2.0.