Pack Storm Duradiamond Anthracite + Insulated bottle + Internal divider + Toiletry bag

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Traditional backpacks were not designed for athletes. That's why we decided to create a rugged, innovative, versatile, and magnetic backpack. Additionally, we've created three accessories compatible with your backpack to adapt it to your needs at any given moment.

The insulated bottle preserves the temperature of your drinks for hours thanks to its double stainless steel wall. It has a capacity of 532 ml and includes a mixing ball inside for your smoothies.

The internal divider allows you to compartmentalize and keep the main pocket organized. It magnetically attaches to its walls, allowing you to configure it as you prefer.

The toiletry bag also magnetically attaches inside the main pocket of the Velites Storm backpack, allowing you to separate it from the rest of the contents.

What is Duradiamond®?

We wanted to meet the standards of the most demanding athletes, which led us to the premium Duradiamond® fabric: lighter, more durable, and more water and element-resistant than any other material on the market.

This pack includes:

  • Anthracite Duradiamond Storm Backpack
  • Insulated bottle
  • Internal divider
  • Toiletry Bag