Jump Rope Fire 2.0 Red Customizable

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Customize your Velites Fire 2.0! Don't forget that customized products can take up to 9 days to arrive.

SUPER LIGHT, SO YOU CAN GO FASTER - Try them out, they are the lightest ropes to use when competing, built with aluminium, period!

ADJUST THEM TO YOUR HEIGHT EASILY - Thanks to its 3.5 meters cable and the t-wrench included in the handles.

ERGONOMIC HANDLE - The different parts of the handle and its weightlifting barbell coarse ending provide a comfortable and firm handling.

DESIGNED FOR COMPETING - Used by hundreds of international competitors daily.

25, 50 AND 100 g EXTRA WEIGHTS - Improve your double and triple-under's technique or make your trainings harders with extra weights.

*You can find changes in your new Fire 2.0 cable. We have included several improvements to prevent memory and deformation during storage and to increase its strength and durability.