Massage Roller | Double Foam Roller

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2 ROLLERS IN 1 - Get 2 different sensations with the foam rolling technique. A coarse one with 3 types of massages - Fingers, Palm or Arm and a flexible plane for more loaded and delicate areas.

STIMULATE THE BLOOD FLOW AND STRETCH YOUR MUSCLES - Use it to "lubricate" your muscles thanks to its massage action.

PAIN RELIEF AND BETTER RECOVERY - Helps to increase joint mobility and produces a myofascial improvement of soft tissues.

INCLUDES A POSTER WITH 20 POSITIONS - Includes a poster with 20 exercises to avoid the most common mistakes, indicating muscle areas with directions for the use of the foam roller.

PROFESSIONAL BODY MAINTENANCE - Reduce the possibility of injuries and improve your marks thanks to the use of the Velites Foam Roller Doble.

CARRY CASE ALSO INCLUDED - Take it with you to every training session thanks to the included carry bag.