Earth 2.0 Jump Bar

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Are you ready to take your jump rope workouts to new heights? Prepare to be amazed as we proudly introduce our latest innovation: the Velites Jump Bar! Designed to complement the unrivaled Velites Earth 2.0 weighted jump rope, the Jump Bar is set to revolutionize your training routine like never before.

Dare to challenge the status quo and embrace the mantra of "adapt for success" with the Velites Jump Bar. It's not just a jump rope accessory; it's a statement of your commitment to growth and conquering new heights. IT’S TIME TO ADAPT! 

Whether you're a normative athlete striving for excellence or an adaptive athlete breaking barriers, the Velites Jump Bar stands as a symbol of your unwavering determination to succeed. Get ready for your next competition!

A groundbreaking accessory that pushes the boundaries of your training limits. Crafted with precision from durable aluminum, the Jump Bar features expertly designed knurling on the middle and both sides, offering you the ultimate grip comfort and security during your intense workouts.

With the Velites Jump Bar, as you master the art of jump rope, you'll sculpt your body, elevate your endurance, and sharpen your skills – all while exuding confidence and power. 

*Velites Jump Bar is an accessory to our exceptional Earth 2.0 weighted jump rope. If you don’t have your Velites rope yet, GET IT NOW! 

*This product only includes the Jump Bar. The Earth 2.0 jump rope, cables and weights are not included.